the white world....

i went my first snowboarding with my friends at university yesterday.
We went to Ishiuchimaruyama, Nigata by bus.

It took about 3h. but i slept almost time on the bus.
when i wake up and look out the window, the world was white!!!
my heart skipped, because it was my first time to see snow like that.

It was very beautiful.

Here's the photos i took there by three cameras :)
 my OLYMPUS, i Phone and compact digital camera SONY. 

I fell a whole bunch of times and my whole body is pretty much sore....lol

but it was fun!

and after snowboarding hot cocoa was soooo good !! ←KFC :) hehe

next day, it was nice day!!!

blue & white...

top of the mountain!!!

just beautiful..

i had great days :)

see u again!!! xxx

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