Hot n Cold

hi guys!
sorry for lack of update..
It's getting cold pretty suddenly, so I'm wearing a sweater today.

AND i overslept for my class this morning. it's from 9am-9:50am.
i woke up 8:58am and panicked. but decided to skip it rather than going there late.
so I'm having breakfast at commons.  soooo comfy :) lol

anyway How's your weekend?
Saturday, i went to Indianapolis with my friends :)
Kiyosan gave us a ride, thank you soooo much!
and we did a little shopping.
I browsed all day long, but didn't find anything that impressed me as must-have clothes.

and Sunday...

studied all day...

sorry for my messy desk..

and i will post some photos that i took last week.


Friday...music festival in Terre Haute

omg it's already 10:25am !!

i gotta go to my class!

well, see u again!!!


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