Autumn Leaves

Hi everyone !

it was wonderful weather here in Terre Haute.
and pretty warm outside, so i spent today just walking around and snapping many photos.
actually i have no class on Thursday so i have plenty of time :)

here's photos that i took on campus.

i'll have to get more because trees are changing quickly every day.

with my friend, Rena

and after we had lunch, we walked to Fairbanks park.
It took about 30 mins but i think it was a good exercise for me :)

here's some photos that i took there.

Finally!!!! i found such a beautiful place !!!


with my friend, Sandrine

i really love this place! next time, I'll go on a picnic with my friends "early in the morning" :)

and i took so many photos by using my film camera so can't wait to develop them!

well, such a peaceful day.

see u again!!! xxx

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