Snowing March...


hi, how are you guys doing?
well, it's Friday and i hope your week was good. And if it wasn't? well, it's Friday and the week is almost behind us, so that's goood :)

and you know what!? It's already March!!!!
wow... Times fly... and i just realized that i only have 2 months left here...
I just can't believe it. It's too fast.

well, the photo on top was taken from 9th floor my room window.
I don't like our dorm but i like the view from the window :)
and it's fun to watch people from the window... creepy isn't it? but Who knows? lol
anyway, it's been snowing here, in Terre Haute.
and i really enjoy taking pictures of snow :)

here's the photo i took on campus..






well, have a nice weekend :)

see u again!!! xxx

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