spring break just started...

hi, how are u doing? This week has passed by so fast and it was just great.
had a farewell party with my friends, went to the coffee grounds n had my favorite cheesecakes...

hung out with my girls, developed my film and worked on my paper at the library....
walked around snowing  Terre Haute...

and finally spring break!!! 

How's your break so far? me? watching movie with nachos... lol
well.... I've seen the kind of pic on my blog before....

aha! it was thanksgiving break!! 
i was dead bored... no body in our dorm and incredibly quiet.
and i was watching movie... omg that's what i did today!!! totally same. lol

but tomorrow I'm going to my friend's home ! yeeyy!
get out from Terre Haute~

so anyway, i think my spring break is gonna be so much fun!
and hope u guys have a great break! well, gotta start packing!!

see u again!!! xxx

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