spring? not yet...

hi guys! How are u doing? 
It's snowing today... you know what it's almost the end of March! just crazy..
I'm SO ready for summer... 

Anyway this week passed by so fast! I don't know why but soooo fast..
and i just realized... Only 1 month left!! I can't believe i have less than one month in ISU.
i guess it won't really hit me fully until I'm packing... 
anyway, i gotta enjoy the rest of my stay!

and here's big news!
Finally, i got a publishing internship in NY! 
I've been working on this almost one month and last Thursday, i had a Skype interview then i passed it!
I'm so grad to get the internship and so excited about it, but at the same time, i feel a little bit nervous.
BUT, it's gonna be a great experience!

well, today i will show u instagram diary... omg I'm totally into it.
and my OLYMPUS camera doesn't work well now... so i kept taking picture with Instagram.

My photography professor showed us this tiny vintage camera in the class.
So cuteee :)

My first time shooting with studio lighting.
Thanks Rena :)

on the way to the coffee grounds with my girls...
love Saturday afternoon :) 

well, i think i gotta study for my exam coming up this week.

so... see u again!!! xxx

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