The Breslin Bar Dining Room


Hi folks, how are u doing?

Today, i wanna share a restaurant called The Breslin Bar Dining Room in ACE HOTEL New York.
I went there with my friend, Mayu at the last night at ACE and we just love it.
I've already posted about ACE HOTEL in the past so check this out!


When we got there, i just love the decor.
dark wood charm... British vibe..

yep... It's such a hipster place same as ACE.



To be honest, i don't remember exactly what we had... I should've taken note or something...
Cause the menu has some unique items..
Anyway, here's some photos that we had.


This is Seafood sausage. i guess... 
It sounds a little bit gross, but it was just amazing! You will NOT regret eating this. 


We ordered one appetizer and two main dishes but i didn't take picture each of them.
Actually, i did but i couldn't capture well... 
Anyway, it was really good.


Moving on, we ordered three deserts. I know it's kinda a lot, 
but we were starving and needed some delicious foods that make us happy for some reasons. 

One of them was assorted cookies & confections. 
As u can tell from the photo above, it looks so cute and also taste good every single of them :)


The others were cheese cake and chocolate something...
ahh... can't remember... But i just love the chocolate one!

and we talked a lot.... about our future, dream...

delicious food & chatting with my bestie
That was perfect and i really had a good time.


We also went to the bar at the lobby the other night.
That was also great, we just had a salad though.


It is definitely one of my favorite hang outs in NYC.
wanna visit there again! 

well, now I'm getting super hungry... you know what?? it's almost 1am.
i know too late to eat. alright, just off to bed!

well, see u again!!! xxx

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