A Big Thank you to All My friends...

Congratulations to all my ISU friends graduated yesterday!

well, i officially finished study abroad in US.
i still can't believe it... Time flies. I feel like it was just a few months.. (actually 9 months!)
But i can say it was the best decision i ever made. 
I had great experience and it changed me in so many ways for the better.
Be as open-mind as possible, put myself out of my comfort zone because it will make my experience much better and make me see things differently. 
I think study abroad is a great way to learn about myself and develop a more mature perspective on the world we live in.
I learned so many things that i never could have if i was just a tourist in US.

AND.... the most great part of study abroad is friends.
I met so many wonderful people not only American but also people from different countries 
and I am so glad i met them.  but it's never easy saying goodbye...
Yesterday, i attended ISU graduation ceremony.
and that was the time to say goodbye to most of my friends. 
you can easily imagine... i cried a lot, i just couldn't stop... and i ruined all my makeup... lol
but I'm so glad to meet people makes me like that... 

I had so many good memories and thank you so much for being a part of such a great experience!
I will never forget all of the good time i've had.

Don't forget about me ! because i'll never forget you all! 




and for my mom...
thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
I really appreciate it :)



well, I'm leaving Terre Haute tomorrow!
now time to travel around! 

Chicago, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA, San Francisco, Montreal and NY!

It's gonna be so much FUN! but, i'm still packing now... gotta finish it.

see u again!!!
 (seriously see you again!!! )


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