A New Life just started...

Hi folks, how are u doing ?
well it's Friday! and u know what? Monday is Memorial Day in US.. which means 3 days off! 
yes!! i can sleep whole day! i'm not gonna do that though... lol

well, I'm in NY right now and i'm staying with my host family in Brooklyn. 
and i just started my full-time internship yesterday.
well, it's been going well so far, i worked just 2 days though...
The first day, which is yesterday, I was completely overwhelmed.
Everything is new to me and I'm learning lots of stuff, so I'm pretty tired right now.
But it's interesting to know about publishing which is related my future dream.
and fortunately the place is really closed to the Grand Central so probably i can explore around Manhattan... but now I don't have enough space in my head... so later :)

ps: Subway in NYC just reminds me of busy days in Tokyo...
but i can say subway here is not that complicated like Tokyo's one..
But it just smells so bad... omg... 
seriously i can't imagine subway in summer, i think it's gonna be worth.. ugh...

anyway, 3 days off! 
take a rest little bit and walk around!
cause it's NY so many things to see, feel and EAT! lol

oh! i'll def post LA-day3- later!! 

well good night :)

See u again!!! xxx

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