Hi guys! How's your summer vacation so far? 
I think most of my friends still have classes though...


Guess where am i right now?


I'm traveling with my friend, Rena right now.
and we just came back from 2 days Grand Canyon tour!
Oh my gosh... that was just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
i really wanna post the photos but today I'm gonna post the photos 
that i took in the way to Vegas by Amtrak.


We left Terre Haute, IN on Tuesday...supposed to be Monday though... it's kinda long story and also i just wanna keep the story with my friends :) anyway I'll never forget the night lol...

then took Amtrak from Indianapolis to Chicago 6:00 am!!!

then changed the train in Chicago.
we took Southwest Chief to Kingman, AZ.
It took 34 hours and no wifi...lol
But we really enjoyed the view changing...

Indiana - Illinois - Missouri - Kansas - Colorado - New Mexico - Arizona


breakfast... with new friend lol



New Mexico..


La Junta...







then we got Kingman about 1:00 am.
actually we were supposed to be there 11:30 pm but the train delayed... it happens.

then we went to Vegas by little bus.
there were two except us. One little boy and his dad (Actually i thought the little boy was a girl cause he braided his hair and so cute!) and one the way to Vegas we talked a lot :)
He i mean the little boy he's only 3 years old but he loves talking with girls lol
His dad told us so many stories lol
anyway it was 2 am but he just couldn't stop talking :)
it took us to get Vegas about 2 hours but we didn't get bores at all.
Thank you guys :))

Finally we got the hotel in Vegas and it was already 4:00 am!!

You know what?

We booked Grand Canyon tour and we had to be at the lobby at 5 am.

You know what i mean?
Which means we had only 1 hour to stay at the hotel!!
So we took really quick shower and we made it!
my hair was half dry though...lol

well, i wanna post about the tour but not today...

We're going to LA tomorrow!! 
So excited!!

see u again!!! xxx

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