LA - day 1 - Downtown


Hi folks, how are u doing?
I'm in Montreal right now and my friend,Rena already left here.
So I'm alone... kinda feel lonely but i also enjoy being alone.
walking around the town and taking bunch of photos... and went to a cozy cafe. 
I'll write about it later so let me post about LA first...

well, we got LA 11th afternoon... since it wasn't at night, we decided to go to the hotel by bus not by taxi. Saving money! yeah! But we didn't even know which bus we should take and also which way we should go after we got off the bus. But at a bus stop, a guy talked us..
"Where are u girls trying to go?"
Actually, we didn't believe him so much at first.. cause you know creepy people everywhere in LA...
BUT he's just an amazingly nice guy!! he took us to the hotel!
We took bus, train, and walked there... it took almost 1h! wow..
I think we couldn't get there without him!
Thank you soooooo much!! We don't even know your name though..


Anyway when we got the hotel, it was about 5 and we were starving so we looked for a place to eat.
We walked around the downtown... I can say it was ugly that the guy also told us.
but fortunately we found a nice mexican restaurant 
and we saw bunch of people wearing like they're gonna run!



it was Glow Rush.
ahh.. i really wanted to join that..
looks soooo much fun!


After that, it got colder so we just headed back to the hotel,
Actually the hotel was just bad!
i mean the lobby is kinda gorgeous but once getting in the room... just horrible. lol
an extremely small room with small restroom that looks like prison never been there though..lol
and without a private bathroom and also NO wifi
it was so disappointed cause it's totally different from the picture on the internet!
but it's super cheap so it's OK... understandable.

anyway that's our first day in LA.

not bad at all.. :)

and i'll post day 2 soon! about Santa Monica!!!!!

see u again!!! xxx

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