Memorial Day


Hi folks, how's your weekend? I had a really nice one :)

Saturday, i woke up late and the degrees had dropped down to 9℃!!
i couldn't believe that cause it's already the end of May. How this happened?
anyway, i cleaned up my room and looked around blogs...
and i met with my friend, Miyu at Think Coffee in Union Square.
i haven't met her since i came to NY in winter break. so it's been a while!
We talked a lot! That was so much fun! it was raining and pretty cold though...


Sunday, i woke up so late... it was almost 1:00pm
but the weather was great! warm and sunny... and it just made me feel "wanna go out!"
so i went to Bedford, Brooklyn. Miyu told me "you must go there!"
But unfortunately, NO L trains between Lorimer St. and Manhattan..
so i had to take shuttle bus from Lorimer St. to Bedford.

Once, i got there i saw so many nice cafe and full of people around the avenue...
yes. it's Sunday.. family, couple, and friends... but me.. you know i just went there by myself.
I don't mean i don't like being alone but i just wanted to share my feeling with someone.
like.. "look at these! so cute!" or "omg that's hilarious!!" something like that.
so i just kept taking photos to share the feeling with you all!




There are bunch of vintage stuff.
books, cameras, toys, buttons, and something we don't even know what that is.. lol


i didn't get anything but it was fun to look at them..



then stopped by a book store, called SPOONBILL & SUGARTOWN.
i think i had been there almost an hour..
i was trying to find a book that i can read... like easy to read, something about art, not small letters..


and i finally find a book!
i can read that on the train...
but i'm not sure i can finish that or not.. I'll try!


and walked around again...



But i haven't eat anything since i woke up... so my stomach started growing...
so went to a cozy cafe next by the book store.


called VERB CAFE..
i ordered medium latte and a bagel with tomato, pesto, and cream cheese.
it was good and the great thing is they have free wifi!
so you can find people with macbook staying there for hours on end.


but i'm the one...
i stayed there an hour or something but without macbook...lol
i was just watching people passing by...
i do that all the time when i'm alone.
i just love it... creepy huh?


anyway, after that i looked around...
and got a new bag and cute tops at some vintage store..


and i found so many nice cafe and restaurants...
so i gotta come back here soon.

and Today..

I'm spending my Memorial Day barbecuing with my host family and their friends.
It's really nice outside, it might not technically be summer, but  it sure feels like it.


Nothing better than eating outside!
everyone looks happy!




he looks happy too!


and one of my host family friends made amazing sangria !


and playing cards...


i had so much fun!

well, gotta back to work tomorrow!

see u again!!! xxx

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