San Francisco - day 1&2 -


Hi folks, how are you doing?
well, it's been sooooo hot here in NYC...
and i've been working on maps of our magazine so mostly i spend time walking around outside...
and.. i've got blisters on my feet... seriously this is intense..
it's fun to look around the city though :)

well, today i'm gonna post the photos that i took in San Francisco!
It was May 14th so almost 3 weeks ago.. wow...
i didn't forget to post them but I've been so busy with my internship so i didn't have enough time...
but i'm gonna post the photos that i took while traveling ASAP!
wait... it's already June!!! it seems like so long ago that we traveled around..
Time really flies sometimes.


well anyway let's get started!

San Francisco...

i've always wanted to go there. actually i was thinking to go to the university in SF..
but unfortunately, my TOEFL score was not enough at that time...
so I AM SO HAPPY to get a chance to visit there!

Why do i like SF so much ?
well... i think just because i love FULL HOUSE so much!
that's one of my childhood TV shows! so i was sooo excited to see the places...
Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street, and Alamo Square Park!!!

and fortunately we had 4 days in SF so we visited all the places!

well, i'm just gonna start with day1 and 2...

When we got there, it was already afternoon.
so we just put our stuff in our room then went to Japan town for early dinner :)
i felt kinda weird... felt like i'm home but it's not completely same..
but anyway moving on " day 2"


We started the day with nice brunch at La Boulange.
i had some pastries and free olives :)) lol


and i really like the atmosphere... so cozy...



and we took a bus to Ferry Building Marketplace.



i love this place! it's kinda touristy place but it's a good collection of organic stuff, tasty food, and famous coffee place, Blue Bottle Coffee. This place makes me feel hungry!!

and some interesting shops...



then we took a muni bus to Fisherman's Wharf :)
look at this color! so cuteeee



then walked around there...


What the...


i just couldn't stop laughing ! lol
i can't say they are cute though...






well... maybe u guys know...
 but if you visit Fisherman's Wharf, u gotta try the clam chowder! 
so touristy though...lol but it's ok we were actually tourist !


it was good. but it's huge... so better to share with your friend..that's what we did :)


and took "theses photos"!!!
could be SF's post card :))


Fortunately, the weather was GREAT!

well, i'll post day3 later... soon!

see u again!!! xxx

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