The Drums


Hi folks, how are you doing?
Sorry for the late update... but i have so much to tell you guys!!
This week was lots of fun!
Started with The Drums live, did two big interviews, explored the city,
 and chilled out at Coney Island...

so let me start with Monday...

I left the office early and had dinner with my host family at Cilantro.
It's good to have dinner with my host family in the city once in a while.


After had some food and drinks, i headed to the live at Webster hall!

The Drums! 


Actually i was surprised they came to Webster hall. you know it's kinda different..
Anyway that was awesome!!
This was the second time I'd seen them, and this time was stunning !



I didn't know the other bands but they were good too.


They were dressed entirely in white! that was cool.
and jumping around n sliding all over the stage while lights flashed...

Especially she was crazy! 


 Pearl and the bears


i had a great night.
There is literally too much things to do everyday in NYC...

I'll post the photos that i took at coney island later..

well see u again!!! xxx

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