this weekend...


Hi folks, how are u doing?
i can't believe i haven't posted in almost a week...
i've been so busy with my internship and i haven't had enough time for my post.
you know what? i still have some posts about SF and Montreal!
I haven't posted them yet... 

Anyway, this weekend was awesome!!
Guess what!!?   My friends came to NYC from Terre Haute!
21 hours drive? and they just stayed here for one day and hours... They are crazy! lol
so anyway i met them in West Village and had huge lunch. 
then i showed them around the city little quick. CRAZY 1 day tour!!
actually a half day tour though...


went to Central park and walked around...

and walked 5th Ave, went to Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Public library, 
Bryant Park, Grand Central.... then Brooklyn Bridge park!
two weeks in a row! lol



i expected beautiful sunset, but it was kinda cloudy so we couldn't see it.
i gotta come back! wanna see the pink sky !!


Anyway i had soooo much fun with you guys! Safe trip back to TH!

Well, today...
i didn't go out... just staying home and relaxing...
not getting dressed, not putting on makeup and I was just lying in bed watching movies...
well, sometimes it's good. just being relaxing and getting ready for working....lol

MONDAY is coming...

well see u again!!! xxx

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