Hi folks, how are you doing ? well... Guess what??

I'm home! I'm in Japan now!
omg.. seriously SO HOT here! raining season was just over and now totally summer!
i love summer but this humidity... this is not what i want...

Anyway, I've been kinda busy, which you have probably noticed with my lack of posting here these days.
After traveling around NYC with my family, i stopped by Terre Haute by myself (u guys remember? i've studied there. lol ). i mean i had to... i know it sounds ridiculous cause it's way easier to go back to Japan from NY straightly. But since I'd already got a round trip, that's the only way. But I'm so glad to meet my friends again! It's in the middle of summer semester and summer 1st was almost done. so most of my friends were kinda busy with their finals. But i had so much fun with my friends there.
i came back here a few days ago without jet lag.
( i watched 4 movies on the way and took a little nap, that's why... lol )
 And now i feel kinda weird I'm here in Japan. I don't know why, but the past 11 month was quite long for me.
This is because I've done so many things there. and now looking back all my photos while study abroad ( i had to organize all my photos cause i have bunch of photos.. probably u can't imagine... ) , I can say that was the best 11 month ever! and i just realized that i've never posted these picnic photos that i took in early May.
So I'm gonna post these photos today. I'm guessing some of you thought the top photo was taken in Japan... I'm sorry if u are disappointed...


It's been 2 month since this picnic, i can't write exactly but i can say that was so much fun!
It was really nice weather but actually right after this, a huge storm came to TH and turned really bad weather. can't imagine from these photos though...


and the park... we totally love it.
I've been there a few times but this time was perfect!
nobody was there except us and really quiet.
birds, wind and good music... perfect right?


and these girls!! i love them so much and I already miss you two!
One is Japanese, she already came back here in Japan and maybe you guys know her cause i was traveling with her after the graduation, so there's bunch of her photos on this blog. 
The other one is one of my Korean friends, she just decided to stay there in TH little bit longer, which means i won't meet her when i visit Korea the end of July. But i met her while i was in TH after NY and we had fun! went to the Coffee Grounds like we used to...







love you girls :)) and wish u two happiness.
Good luck in TH ! Eileen! 


well, now i have to start a new life here!
I kinda feel i still wanna indulge in the past memories there, but there's so many things to do here!!!
Let's get started!! now I'm getting little bit excited.

well, wishing you all my friends in US happiness !!!

I'll share more photos later! i mean photos in SF, Montreal and NYC... long way to go... lol

Thank you for stopping by.
see u again!

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