Hi there, how are u doing? It's already August!
and i know the new autumn-winter collections are coming out but it's still sauna out there!!
and I'm sorry for the lack of update... I was not that busy so no excuses this time...
Today i wanna share these photos that i took last friday night.
I went out with my friend, Miyu. Since she's going back to NYC soon, we wanted to go clubbing in Tokyo :) We met up at and People and had some sweets. Typical girls night out! love it!


then heading to WOMB. You can enter for free before midnight with your student ID.
and look at her pretty dress!! 





I'm so sad that i couldn't take lots of photos there. but we had so much fun !!
met some funny guys and had sushi for breakfast...
lots of unexpected things happened !

and i wanna let you guys know, i did little crazy photo shooting with Mayu and Miyu in Shibuya last sunday night. ( we ran into some friends while we're working on it. it was kinda awkward though..lol )
anyway, i will def share them soon!! so don't miss it :))

well, thank you for stopping by.
see u again!

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