NO PHOTO today

Hi there, how are you doing?
Hope you all have great weekend.

well, for me, SO BAD.
I got a pretty bad cold last night and i couldn't go to our school festival.
 i spent my day just laying on my bed almost the whole day.
like... eat lots of fruits and go back to sleep.

now it got much better so i'm writing this post.
i think i don't have to blog right now but i just want to.

well, it's been so busy lately it's just because i put way more stuff on my schedule than i can actually do.
 my schedule has been so tight. working, having Halloween parties, getting ready for school festival, meeting new people, working on my portfolio, catching up TV dramas, and starting job hunting...
i was trying to do all of it but i just couldn't do it. and i got cold and messed up.
I feel so bad that i couldn't make it which i supposed to be done. 
i can say I didn't get enough time to finish them but i know it's just an excuse.
i should've organized them. like make a TO DO LIST or something.

So i just made one. and i feel fresh and motivated with it.
i know for me, when things are just floating around in my head, just write it down.
and i'm pretty sure it's gonna be way more busy.
I gotta get ready for our school photo exhibition and our free paper "Stand by Me"
and the big one, Shukatshu.
It's a shortened word for "Shushoku Katsudo", which is job hunting in Japanese.
I know Jobhunting is difficult anywhere in the world but that in Japan is really hard...
We need to start it more than a year ahead of their graduation. 
 and now it's the time for me. agh..
but i gotta do anyway... but i think it better to think in positive way so i'm trying. 
anyway, it's gonna be so busy and i know it. 
I don't wanna mess them up.
so I'm telling myself I'll never do it again.

btw tomorrow is a holiday in Japan.
So our weekend is not over yet!

well, thank you for stopping by.
See you again!

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